Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Terrain Density in FoW

Hi everyone, today I thought I'd visit a topic that has been gaining steam amongst the FoW community for quite some time, but especially since Steve from WWPD returned from his New Zealand adventures. The question of terrain density plagues many tabletop wargaming systems, but I have noticed more impassioned debate on this subject for FoW than any other gaming system. So I'd like to give my take on this subject.

As fair as can be. Also, kind of boring.

Sorry for the absence

Hi everyone. Just a quick update. I haven't been doing any real gaming/hobby stuff lately because of the storm, Election Day, municipal budget, and holiday craziness, but I do have a few articles planned and I hope you guys just bear with me.

The major development in the meantime has been that I am going to be doing some cross-publishing with Spikeybits, hopefully getting some of that crowd interested in Flames of War.

Be safe during this season, everyone.