Wednesday, July 31, 2013

6th and Final Overlord Batrep: 21. Panzers vs. British Infantry

This will be my sixth and final battle report for the WWPD Overlord campaign, and will likely wrap-up what has been a month of fevered gaming at Brother's Grim Games and Hobbies in Selden, NY. Although our mega-battle didn't seem to come together, all of the FoW players managed to do their part to contribute to the Overlord campaign.

It was time for my 21st Panzerdivision to redeem themselves after their last debacle, and end this campaign on a high note. For my fictional tank commander, Claus von Slaus, this would be his last Overlord fight, and I had to make him proud. Facing them would be the might of the British army. We rolled for mission and got Free-for-All. This was going to be a slugfest.

The board after deployment

Friday, July 26, 2013

Overlord Batrep: 21. Panzerdivision vs. American Armor

Once again my 21. Panzerdivision was going to take to the Overlord Campaign battlefields. This would be my 5th battle for the campaign, and in addition to earning the badge for my forum account I was hoping to earn the 21. Panzerdivision's third win since I started using them. I would be facing off against Confident Trained American Armor (7th division?) in Counterattack. Little did I know that for Claus von Slaus, my fictional commander of all of my German lists, this would very nearly be his last ride...

View from my table quarter after deployment

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Overlord Batrep: 21. Panzerdivision vs. British Assault Company

Apparently it was time for a rematch from the game a couple of weeks ago. My friend and I analyzed some deficiencies in his previous list and came up with something that he agreed gave him more mobility and a wider range of capabilities. His previous list didn't have recon, for example. We simply rolled for mission and got Breakthrough. Normally this is one of my favorite missions as I think it is very tactical and challenging. This time, however, I realized it would be extra challenging because I'd be defending with a Tank company.

Oh well, we all need these kind of practice games! We were one of three Overlord games going on at Brothers Grim Games and Hobbies at the time.

Table after deployment

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Short Overlord Batrep

I'll be up-front: we didn't get to play this one to the end, although the way things were going my opponent probably would have been able to pull a victory out. Since the battle was somewhat incomplete I'm just going to let the pictures do the talking today.

Oh yeah, the Stuarts ride again!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Battle Report: 21. Panzerdivision vs. British Assault Company

Recently I have been gaming like mad for WWPD's Overlord Global Campaign, and managed to get in a game against my "white whale" opponent; you know, that opponent who you never seem able to top? I have played many games against him but have never come out victorious (plenty of draws and a few defeats). Would today be the day that I turned it around? It wouldn't be easy. This was my first full-size game in a while where I wasn't also teaching someone. I would also be playing a brand-new list from Atlantik Wall.

As a final challenge, we would be playing Hold the Line and my opponent's Crocs gave him the Always Attack rule.

The table after some of his Turn 1 movement. One objective is in the woods.

Overlord Battle Report: Feldivision vs. American Airborne

Recently I managed to get in my first game for WWPD's and Battlefront's Overlord Global Campaign, a small-pointed affair that would pit the rag-tag pseudo-militia of the Luftwaffe Feldivision against the battle-hardened American Airborne. Given the constraints of table space in my apartment, we decided to play a 1000-point game of Hasty Attack, with the first two turns using the Night Fighting rules. The game would simulate the airborne forces (and their armor support) launching a dawn attack on a German anti-aircraft position.

After Deployment