Friday, November 2, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

Hi everyone,

Apologies for the lack of blogging, but everything has been a nightmare since Warstore Weekend. Hurricane Sandy has really hurt Long Island, and I count myself lucky that all I lost was my car (storm surge rolled right in). I watched as people's homes were flooded and destroyed. Cars littered the streets the day after. I will hopefully have a hobby-related article back up today, but the aftermath could make that difficult.

As I work for a local government, when I haven't been home I've been in our Emergency Operations Center tracking the recovery efforts. Some pics below.

My car the next day (a Ford Escape). Clearly the water rose above the seats.

 And rose above the trunk. It was a 5-6 foot storm surge.

 A big 'ole tree came down. I wouldn't have been able to move my car past this anyway.

 The water came up about 1.5 feet high in my fiance's garage.

 Two houses across from my fiance's. The water was up to their doorknobs. Both houses will have to be gutted.

 Our Emergency Operations Center.

The marina two days after. Just covered in mud and debris.

 A home on Fire Island.

Gas/propane tanks on Fire Island; just flung around during the storm.

More Fire Island.

What a mess...this is on the mainland (as are the following pics)

Highest recorded wind speeds during the storm were in my Town

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