Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Easy Hills

Hey everyone, I haven't had much time for lengthy blog articles, so I have a feeling that most of my posts will now be made through the iPhone blogger app. Today I just wanted to share my experience making hills.

The hills in my local gaming group always seemed too small in terms of both height and area footprint. This led to "discussions" about whether the hills blocked lines of sight to larger vehicles, and it made the hills easy to bypass, to the point where they really had no impact on the game. I wanted to make some hills to change that. 

I started by shaping 2-inch pink insulation foam. The material I had on hand was left over from the table-topper I made. 

Next I would cover the hill in simple Elmer's Glue, then spread sand over it (this had to be done in sections on the larger hills). 

After that I hit the hills with a flat brown spraypaint. Normally the spraypaint would eat away at the foam, but since the hills were covered by glue and sand this didn't really happen. Green flock (from an industrial size flock container) was then spread on certain areas. As a final step I sprayed a matte varnish over the entire thing.

And there you have it. An easy way to add some great-looking terrain to your collection. Hills never go out of style either.