Thursday, July 11, 2013

Short Overlord Batrep

I'll be up-front: we didn't get to play this one to the end, although the way things were going my opponent probably would have been able to pull a victory out. Since the battle was somewhat incomplete I'm just going to let the pictures do the talking today.

Oh yeah, the Stuarts ride again!

My army was a CV Light Tank Company from Overlord:

HQ - 2 Stuarts
4 Stuarts
4 Stuarts
4 Shermans
Armored Rifles
2 Cav Recon patrols
Armored Mortars (with the red dice)
AA (played by the SP Mid-War TD's)
Priority Air (that's a Thunderbolt, not a Sturmvogel)

My opponent was playing his new bread and butter - Fallschirmjager!

HQ - 1iC, 2iC and a 'schreck
Fallschirmjager with a bunch of schrecks
5 Panzer IV's
4 Mortars
3 Nebs
2 Pak40's
AA guns

Playing against FV troops with integral AT would be tough, but these are exactly the kinds of battles I need to be playing to improve my game. Last game it was against British with cool toys, this time it was against a brick wall of FV troops. Onto the battle, we rolled Free-for-All:

On his turn 1 he just dug everything in and hunkered down. My armored mortars managed to range in and drop some smoke for cover.

My Recce moves into position to lift Gone-to-Ground next turn.

Pushing the one flank.

His nebs bombard me but fail to make an impact.

He moves out to try and get some shots off, but my army is in a position to overwhelm him.

A quiet flank. I have just enough MG shots (and air cover) to make him think twice about advancing on this flank.

Nebs bail a Stuart; I didn't expect him to be so aggressive with his scouts.

His panzers knock out a half-track, but all of their other fire misses the tanks.

Stuart falls to assault, I break off rather than risk charging into a building.

The Stuarts get side-shots and the Shermans are under 16", but the only damage inflicted on the Panzers is one destroyed and one bailed. A Pak40 falls to the other Stuarts (to MG fire at that, not even my main guns).

On my opponent's next turn he shreds my Stuarts, wiping all of them off the board. Accurate Neb fire kills 4 armored rifle teams (oh well, 10 more where that came from!).

On my last turn my plane killed a Panzer and the Shermans bailed another, but it was time for each of us to start heading home. I still had six dice of air and a lot of MG shots holding down my rear areas. On the hot objective he had three live Panzers and the Fallschirmjager facing off against a Recce patrol, the armored rifles, and the Shermans. I'd say he probably had a 60% chance of winning the battle, but with my fully-intact Sherman platoon and 4 living bazooka stands, who knows? Either way it was a good fight, with a lot of action packed into a short period of time.

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  1. It was a good game. Going back and forth. You forgot to mention my assassin sniper! And the 5 panzerfausts waiting for the shermans. ;-)