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Overlord Battle Report: Feldivision vs. American Airborne

Recently I managed to get in my first game for WWPD's and Battlefront's Overlord Global Campaign, a small-pointed affair that would pit the rag-tag pseudo-militia of the Luftwaffe Feldivision against the battle-hardened American Airborne. Given the constraints of table space in my apartment, we decided to play a 1000-point game of Hasty Attack, with the first two turns using the Night Fighting rules. The game would simulate the airborne forces (and their armor support) launching a dawn attack on a German anti-aircraft position.

After Deployment

My army consisted of 3 Jager platoons, 88's, 4 12.2cm artillery pieces, 3 light AA guns, 2 armored AA guns (note: not actually permitted in this list, but I wanted the flavor of having the airborne attacking an AA base), 3 Luftwaffe StuGs, 4 mortars, and a scout platoon. 10 platoons in 1000 points! This Feldivision is crazy.

All of that for 1000 points

My opponent, wanting to travel light, brought two airborne platoons and 5 veteran Shermans...and that's it.

In keeping with the spirit of the mission I decided to deploy my 88's, mobile and immobile AA guns, the artillery, and a scout platoon. The tanks and infantry would respond once the alarm was raised and their gallant commander rolled some 5's!

The first couple of turns passed without incident, although the Americans, thanks to their advanced radios, got their reserves right away. Everyone in the Feldivision just kept their heads down.

 Tanks rumble on from reserve 

Mobile AA guns hide, scouts advance into the woods.

As dawn broke on Turn 3 the Americans came out swinging. The MG and .50cal fire from the tanks killed the platoon commander and one gun from the static AA platoon, and pinned them in the process. The airborne infantry were taking advantage of the cover provided by the shelled-out village.

 A gun and the platoon commander fall

The observer spies his targets, but the artillery is ineffective

Who knew Reluctant Trained artillery would be so ineffective?!?! For a couple turns they failed to range in needing only 4's. My mobile AA guns move out and engage the infantry in the village, and manage to bring down one team.

On my opponent's turn three things were beginning to get a little dicey for me. His troops were now in a position to launch and assault. His tanks moved out to engage the 88's, but thanks to the big guns being gone-to-ground and his below-average dice results the guns not only emerged unscathed, but also without having been pinned!

His bazookas knock out both of the mobile AA platforms (thought I'd at least still have one!) and in the ensuing assault easily kill one of the static AA guns. However the remaining gun was too far out of range to remain in the assault, and he passed his platoon morale test, which kept me contesting the objective!

On my turn three I get my StuGs in from reserve in exactly the right spot, and my 88's are ready to strike a blow for the Luftwaffe. The wreak a terrible vengeance on the Shermans, killing two and bailing one. Unfortunately for me it was not enough to force a morale check. I then decide to engage the Shermans with the StuGs as opposed to attacking the infantry, although I know that I am all but sacrificing them if their shooting fails. And, surprise surprise, my ill-trained troops fail to even hit the Shermans. If only I'd been able to run them off!

On my opponent's turn he gets his revenge on my troops. His infantry clear the objective of my contesting static AA gun, and his Shermans, thanks to the Stabilisers rules, wipe out the StuGs. He is now holding the objective.

Once again I am fortunate that my reserves enter on the objective's flank, and I move to prepare an assault. My artillery finally shows up in a big way, killing two infantry stands despite ranging in on my third attempt!

My 88's kill another two Shermans, but the remaining tanker decides to stick it out! A very brave tanker.

Gotta love the wreckage

My assault makes it in, and my Feldivision troops outperform my expectations and kill four teams! My opponent's counterattack kills three teams and results in my failure to fight back (curse the Reluctant rating!). But, I have forced a morale check on his infantry. If he passed, he'd win. With the game on the line, he rolled a 4, sealing his 6-1 win.

Had his platoon run away I likely would have won the game, as I would have killed his Sherman eventually and then he'd be making his company morale rolls. Oh well, I am still proud of the Feldivision.

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