Thursday, August 22, 2013

List Discussion for EW 1200-point Tournament

We have an Early War tournament coming up this weekend at Brothers Grim Games and Hobbies, and I have been having a hard time in choosing what list to bring. Frankly, the Germans just don't get a lot at 1200 points (we are keeping to points low to try and draw in more players to EW). It doesn't help that I really have no idea what my opponents will bring. So far, however, I've been able to narrow it down to a few lists.

The first list is what I have been running in my last two battle reports against the Japanese:

HQ - Panzer III
3 Panzer III's
4 Panzerjagers
2 8-rads

It has been a good little list, but it has serious limitations. The lack of an MG on the Panzerjagers means they can't even defensive fire if someone tries to assault them. Also, as good as AT 8 is for EW, their armor 0 leaves them open to being shredded. Plus, at four platoons, this list would leave me in serious trouble for missions like Encounter and Dust-Up, where I have to hold half of my platoons off the table. Then again, if I have to face French armor, I will need that AT 8.

The next list I've been kicking around has been the Gebergsjager out of Burning Empires:

Platoon - Command, light mortar, 4 other teams
Platoon - Command, light mortar, 4 other teams
3 Panzer IV's
2 Pak38's
Light Recon Patrol
Priority Stukas

This list brings me up to five platoons, so still not ideal for half-on-half-off missions. However, I get a more well-rounded force that retains some speed and adds serious firepower in the form of the Pak38's and the Stukas. However, airplanes can be very fickle, and the Pak38's can do a lot of damage but can also be easily avoided by the enemy. Plus, with this list, I may run into that awful situation of having to attack in No Retreat/Hold the Line/Pincer with an infantry company. Another version of this list dropped the Stukas and adjusted the recon to get a Trained 88, but with only a single gun it would be too easy to smoke every turn.

My last list goes back to the tanks of Hellfire and Back:

HQ - Panzer IV w/ Recovery Vehicle
3 Panzer IV's
2 Panzer IV's
Pioneers w/ Supply Truck OR Pak38's
Light Recon Patrol

This list gives me the Panzer IV's that I prefer over the Panzer III's. The problem is that this list cannot take Panzerjagers, so I subbed them out for two more Panzers. The light recon patrol returns because it has more MG shots and can cover a wider are to shut down ambushes. I am leaning toward the pioneers over the Pak38's because they're more flexible, but again I am worried about running into French heavy armor. This list also brings me back down to that 4 platoon problem.

We know what Guderian would do...

All in all, I'm still undecided. There are some tough choices to make here. Luckily I know that if I am facing French tanks then they also won't be starting with a lot on the table in half-on-half-off missions. I'm worried about British arty as usual (at least there isn't any American arty in EW!). Maybe I'll leave it to the dice gods and roll off on what list to bring. Any suggestions are welcome.

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  1. Keep in mind that you'll need something to deal with Somua platoons and Matildas. In the Gencon 1000pt EW tourney, I brought 4 Somua, and people had problems with them. All except for the guy who brought 2 Matilda, and then I didn't have much of an answer for him.

    for Germans, either an 88 with extra crew or Pio's will help you with Matilda. I'd leave the planes alone.

    for 1200pts I'd probably bring the following French list:
    1 Panhard HQ
    4 Panhard
    3 Panhard
    3 recon Hotchkiss H39's (1long, 2 short gun)
    1 recon AT platoon
    4 Somua
    4 Laffly 45mm SP AT guns

    I'd also be really tempted to switch the Hotchkiss for 105mm arty.
    but that's still 6 platoons.

    A lot of guys at Gencon brought Gebirsjaeger

  2. thanks Farmpunk, that is one damn good French list you have there. If I had to face that I think I'd be forced to play pretty defensively. My Gebirgsjager list above would get to 6 platoons if I use the 88 instead of air. It's a challenge at 1200 points, for sure

  3. The last list seems like it would be pretty strong with all those Panzer IVs, however the platoons are too small and would be wiped out easily, forcing company morale checks.

    I would go with the second list.....