Friday, December 27, 2013

A Quick Note: Negativity

Hey guys, in the interest of spreading a little holiday cheer I just wanted to make an observation about something that really bothers me in any game environment, but really came to a head when I was running a recent tournament. The level of negativity that some gamers have toward the hobby really baffles me sometimes. Whether on forums or in actual games it's getting to the point where it's affecting who I choose to play with and which sites I choose to visit.

"What do you mean tanks can move through each other?!?!?!"

When I was running the tournament there were a few players who hadn't read the rulebook carefully, and so when their opponents would pull a legal move that seemed a little screwy, they'd whine to me and then complain about the rules when I came down on the opponent's side. This could have been avoided if they read the rulebook, but their attitude only made it worse.

A couple of weeks ago I was running a demo event at a local convention and I had one guy come over, trash the game based on Version 1 rules, and then just walk away as I tried to explain why his conception was wrong. But at least this was a complaint from someone who wasn't playing the game...

What really gets me going are the people who buy Flames of War product, play FoW with their buddies, attend tournaments, but then do nothing but trash the game. Whether on forums or at tournaments they will do nothing but complain to anyone who will pay attention to them, and will likely keep complaining even though nobody is listening.

I gave up on the Battlefront forums a long time ago, and am starting to see some of that malaise seep into the WWPD forums. There are many times where I'll look at who started a topic and then not even click on it, because I know that it's just going to be another diatribe on AOP's and why he's grumpy that a very specific list that he likes to play isn't running roughshod over every opponent (I'm thinking of one person in particular but it applies to many forum-ites).

For the life of me I can't understand why people will devote hundreds (or thousands) of dollars and hundreds  (or thousands) of hours to something that they hate so much. And just because you might not like a game, don't walk over to two guys playing it just to trash the game. I don't much like 40k anymore, but I don't interrupt someone's game to criticize it.

Don't trash on other people's games, and if you hate your game enough to the point that it's ruining your day then don't play it. Sell your stuff and move on with your life. For the rest of us, who like it when our toy tanks go "boom!", we will keep on playing and not get worked up over a bunch of toys.

Here are two cute puppies to cleanse the palate

Stay safe during this holiday season.


  1. Fair rant I cant stand the people you describe but have found the best way to deal with them is just turn you back and not give them the time of day :)
    Peace James

  2. Yeah, the biggest problem with any game are the negative nellies who play it.

  3. I try to keep the WWPD forums positive, but it is hard to be ever vigilant.